Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe – Delicious Recipe Ever

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe – Delicious Recipe Ever: This Flourless Chocolate Cake is a beautiful treat that tastes rich but has a light, airy texture. It’s gluten-free because it doesn’t have any flour in it, and it’s also very quick and easy to make. You can make a tasty chocolate dessert in just a few minutes with just six easy components.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe – Delicious Recipe Ever


  • 8 oz 227g dark chocolate (60-70% cocoa)
  • ½ cup 113g unsalted butter
  • 4 large eggs at room temperature
  • ½ cup 100g granulated sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoon 12g cocoa powder

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How to make Flourless Chocolate Cake

  • Warm the oven up to 400°F. Spread a little butter on the sides of an 8-inch round springform pan and put a round of parchment paper on the bottom. In order to keep water out while baking in a water bath, cover the bottom of the pan with two layers of aluminum foil.
  • Cut the chocolate into large pieces and put them in a pot with butter. Set the heat to low. Keep stirring until it’s all melted and smooth. Leave to cool.
  • Put the eggs in the bowl of a stand mixer that has a whisk attachment. Beat on high speed for one minute, until the eggs are very foamy. Add the sugar one spoonful at a time and keep beating on medium-high speed for another 6 minutes, until the mixture is very pale, thick, and fluffy.
  • Add the salt, and then add the melted chocolate mixture little by little while using a wide spatula to gently fold it in by hand. Stop and sift in the cocoa powder. Then, keep folding gently until everything is well mixed.
  • The thick chocolate mixture can sink to the bottom of the bowl. To get it off the bottom, reach down and lift it up. Don’t mix the batter too much, or the air will be sucked out of it.
  • Put the pan on a flat baking sheet and then pour the batter into it. Put enough hot water in the baking tray to come up about ½ of the way up the sides of the cake pan. Carefully put the pan in the oven. Do this for 5 minutes.
  • Drop the oven temperature to 350°F and bake the cake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until the top is a little cracked and puffed up. Even though it feels and looks dry, know that it will be soft. Place the cake pan on a wire rack to cool fully.
  • Carefully loosen the sides of the pan by running a knife around the edges. Sprinkle with cocoa, and if you want, serve with whipped cream. It’s best to eat this cake when it’s not cold. Use a hot, dry knife to cut.


Q1. What Pan Is Best To Bake This Cake?

For easy release, bake this flourless chocolate cake in a springform pan with parchment paper on the base.

A pan with removable sides is best for this delicate cake because turning it out could break it.

Q2. How Do I Know When The Cake Is Baked To Perfection?

This cake bakes at 400 degrees F for 5 minutes before finishing in a moderate oven. Initial high heat speeds puffing. It should be puffy and have little cracks in the center when ready. I promise it will be gentle inside despite feeling stiff. A slight nudge should make the pan bounce.

When the cake comes out of the oven, it will deflate, which is normal! Interior will be comfortable and elegant. Let it cool completely before slicing with a hot dry knife.

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